About us

It all started when Yaniv and Ilan found themselves, as usual, arguing in their chat about a matter much greater than life and death – they were arguing about football. One of them said that this is Liverpool’s season. The other laughed and said it’s City all the way. They thought about the fact that they never remember who said what, and thought how cool it would be if someone could remind them, settle their fights in a heartbeat, bring them data they need to fuel the argument, even without them knowing that they need it.

That was the day Tokabot was born

They embarked on a fantastic journey on their way to success, enjoying every step of the way. They went through hills and valeys, met some great people along the way – and now they’re writing another chapter in their book, on their way to “They lived happily ever after”, doing what they’ve always done – arguing about something much greater than life and death. Football.

Yaniv Levin

Co-Founder, CEO

A seasoned hi tech executive in product Management and R&D Management . Managed various multi million $ product lines around Mobile and analytics for large enterprises in HP Software. Yaniv brings with him vast knowledge of developing high scale systems.

Ilan Leizgold

Co-Founder, VP Strategy & Sales​

A seasoned hi tech executive in sales,  marketing and business development Great customer & partner facing capabilities and results, closing $ multi million deals and creating successful partnerships.  Ilan holds an Electronic engineer BsC and an MBA for Tel Aviv University .

Meir Marcovich


A seasoned development leader with vast hands on experience across a range of technological industries. Experience focused on making robust and efficient systems that deliver the right data on time. Meir is in charge of the engineering team and is responsible for Tokabot’s underlying technology.

Development team

Milan Jerkovic

Oleksii Holyk

Paul Tsimura

Content Team​

Tzur Diamant

Eli Levin

Yarin Levi

Shirly Niv Marton