Tokabot creates tailored content-related engagement experiences at scale in real time.

Magic moments made to be monetized.

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Tokabot changes the way fans engage with content and provides the ability to monetize their attention.

Tokabot’s smart interactive widgets provide a personalized, gamified experience. The widgets are highly relevant to (a) the context of the content they are placed in (b) the related live-event data as well as (c) to prior interactions with the user.

The widgets are extremely smart and allow sponsor activation in the right timing and context with 1-click purchase actions in order to increase commercial performance and CTR.

We outperform the industry-standards for monetization via CTR by 5x.


Step 1

Contextual Content Automation

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Match the perfect user-engaging content by (a) responding to the context of the widgets’ placement and (b) utilizing LIVE data to identify the real-time exciting moments

Step 2


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Personalize the content and commercial interaction based on the user’s interaction profile

Step 3

Data-driven Commercial Ad

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Drive contextually-sponsored campaigns with direct Call- To-Action

Multi-Platform Variety


Check the video to see how we monetize magic moments

TOKABOT customers

Sport Betting Partners

​Tokabot significantly increases the performances of gambling operators by boosting their CTR and converting clicks into FTDs (First Time Deposits). Our intelligent and attractive engagement tools provide a 1-Click-Bet into the bet slip of gambling companies and thus greatly improve CTR and the ROI from their media partnerships.


The loyalty of readers is built when you know how to engage them. Get in touch with your users and give them experiences that will make them come back and stay longer on site! The majority of online users are completely passive. You wonder why your users don’t convert? Let Tokabot help you to increase your dwell time! We help you engage, understand and monetize your audience with easily embedded tools


The most important asset of a club is their fans. How can a club engage with thousands if not millions of fans on a personal basis and monetize this big number of followers?  Hear your fans’ voices and convert them into active users by getting to know them! Tokabot provides the solution with intelligent, appealing engagement tools. Talk. Engage. Know your fans. Go and get them into your CRM!


Agencies lack digital strategy powered by technology in order to bring in digital sponsorships. Tokabot provides them with a solution and greatly improves their engagement with digital sponsorship deals.