The world's first intelligent Fan's engagement & monetization platform for sport and entertainment

Tokabot turns the excitement
and loyalty of fans into monetization

Tokabot enables the sports eco-system unique interaction with fans over time, where they’re most active, with the people they actually interact with.

New and innovative fans engagement platform Allowing to build, automate and distribute content In the right context and the right timing reacting to real life triggers and to group conversations

Our unique value proposition:

Native advertisement In prime time moments

Engage and interact with fans over time

Real time dynamic content creation

Fans and Brand experience the game together

Tokabot platform capabilities

Powerful CMS

supporting multiple engaging content types (Trivia, Votes, Bets, Links, news, stats and more)

Content Automation

Dynamic creation and distribution of content in context around prime time moments 

Content Discovery

Allowing the fans to ask relevant questions about their favorites – and actually get answers!

Group bot

Group bot (Virtual friend) which blends into the fans conversations with their actual friends, allowing the fans to chat, play and consume engaging content together while brands can experience the game together with the fans

Commercial Capabilities:

Interactive and Engaging Sponsor activation

Build over time interaction with fans with a set of unique capabilities such as NLP, group tournaments , global tournaments, integration with loyalty plans and more

dynamic content

Dynamic unit embedded into web sites and apps, providing dynamic content reacting to real time triggers

Real time campaign

Real time campaign builder allowing native commercial content in prime time moments

Unique retargeting capabilitie

Unique retargeting capabilities and channels, allowing to interact with the fans based on unique Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms which build build the most updated profiles on users and groups

Content as a service

Providing users and customers with the most engaging and entertaining content in and out of live event, as a service, created and managed by our amazing editorial team

Our customers and partners